Alure Party Rentals: Terms and Conditions of Rental

Information regarding your rental

The following are the full terms and conditions when conducting business with Allure Party Rentals. For questions, please contact our office at (954) 598-9595 or send an email to, you can also find assistance by clicking the chat icon on the right.

Terms and Conditions of Rental

The following Terms and Conditions of Rental, as well as any and all Terms on confirmation email, authorization form, invoice, or verbalized from Allure Party Rentals, are valid from the time reservation is placed, and do not require signature for validation. Upon reservation placement, you will be emailed a copy of your Invoice. This confirmation email also contains the full Terms and Conditions pertaining to your rental.

Payment(s) are non-refundable. The cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellations, including equipment removal, made more than one (1) week from scheduled delivery date will result in payment(s) being applied as an in-store credit, except for special order items. Special order items will not be credited. Cancellations, including equipment removal, made one (1) week or less from scheduled delivery date will result in payment(s) being forfeited. The rental cost for special order items will still be due in full. A restocking fee may also apply for equipment cancellation. Cancellations, including equipment removal, made after truck is loaded with equipment, in route, or has been delivered will result in full payment being due and forfeiture of any previous payment(s).

A standard delivery is added to each delivery order unless specific requirements are needed. Specific requirements told to Allure Party Rentals will be shown on invoice next to “Delivery & Pick Up” section. Standard delivery service includes crew delivering equipment to a singular, ground-floor, cleared location within 50 feet of truck parking location, with a clear and easy to maneuver pathway. Delivery and pick up dates/times are not promised and a 2-5 hour window will be assigned to your order when schedules are made. Pick-ups are typically done the following business day after event date, or as scheduled by Allure. Deliveries over pools, sand, furniture, or other difficult surfaces, and/or not meeting the above criteria will incur an additional charge. If customer requires specific delivery/pick up dates and or times, customer must inform Allure in advance; an additional charge will occur. Set up is not included unless otherwise specified (at an additional charge) with the exception of tents, tent lighting, and flooring. Equipment responsibility remains with the client from delivery until equipment is picked up. If customer picks up equipment from warehouse, responsibility remains from pick up until return. Any damaged or missing equipment, or equipment requiring cleaning/repair beyond standard rental wear and tear will result in additional charges to customer for replacement and/or repair. Tableware items must be rinsed free of debris. Any tableware returned with debris will be subject to a minimum cleaning fee of $150.00.

Equipment must be together in a singular location, stacked, and returned to any packaging upon pick up. Failure to do so will result in an additional charge. Equipment not received by scheduled pick up/return date will be subject to an extended rental rate per day until received. Equipment not received within one (1) business week of pick up/return date will be charged to the customer at full replacement value in addition to rental fees incurred.

Terms of Price Match Guarantee

Price match guarantee applies to a written quote received from a reputable competitor for the exact same item, in the same quantity and quality. If our quote total is less than the competitor's total we will not match an individual item's price. Delivery and labor fees are not price-matched.